CRPGP Level 1 Training 16 sessions (1-2 trainees per group)

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Price per group of 1-2 trainees (requires 2-3 additional training staff to simulate group experiences).
Includes 16 training sessions and certification exams.
Select either "Player Training" or "Game Master Training".
NOTE: You must have completed your Player Training program before you may register for Game Master Training.

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Certified RPG Professional (CRPGP)

Level 1 Player Training

(16-Session Program)

1 to 2 Trainees (per group)


The industry's most rigorous, highest quality, in-depth, research and evidence-in-practice supported, role-playing game professional training program.

This 16 week program will provide all the training and experience you need to prepare to take, and pass, the Level 1 Role-Playing Game Professional Certification (CRPGP) program by RPG.LLC, to become a Certified Role-Playing Game Professional.

NOTE: This is the first step in the 2-step process to become a Level 1 Certified Role-Playing Game Master Professional. For information on the section step, see Level 1 Certified Role-Playing Game Professional Game Master 16-Session Training Program page.

This comprehensive, challenging, and rewarding introductory 16 session program includes:

  • Sixteen 4-hour instructor-led group training sessions (64 instruction hours)

  • Up to 16 additional instructor hours for mentoring, review, grading, and feedback on assignments, practicum, etc.

  • Introduction to foundational theories

  • Lecture handout materials

  • Lecture discussions

  • In-session baseline and review practice quizzes

  • Applied gaming sessions for more than ten different game systems

  • Active peer review

  • Pro tips, tricks, and tools of the trade

  • Tool handouts

  • Between-session assignments, activities, and programs

  • RPG.Education account (more comprehensive online quizzes)

  • RPG.LLC online account

  • Physical bound training workbook

  • eBook copy of training workbook

  • Final exam

  • Certificate, valid for 5 years (extensions earned with regular continuing education unites (CEUs))

Program Price

  • 1-2 trainees (includes 2-3 staff trainers to simulate full group experience): USD  $8,995/group  + cost of materials for each trainee.

  • 3 to 6 trainees (includes 1-2 staff trainers): USD  $4,995/group  + cost of materials for each trainee.

  • For organizations with 10 or more trainees, please contact us for special bulk discount rates.

Additional Materials Costs (not included in purchase)

Upon completion of payment and registration, each trainee will receive a specific list of material they will need to purchase for the program. The items are listed by each session's requirements, with suggestions for locations to purchase the items.

Required trainee-purchased materials:

Session 1:

  • CYOA IFB ~$5

  • Specified Chooseable Path IFB ~$20

  • TheFantasy.Network basic paid subscription. ~$5/mo

Session 2:

  • Specified SAB ~$15

Session 3:

  • 1 set of polyhedral RPG dice (1d4, 4d6, 1d8, 2d10, 1d12, 1d20). ~$10-$20

  • Specified BECMI SAM Player's Manual. ~$5

Session 4:

  • Continue using BECMI Player's Manual (Group 1). n/a

Session 5:

  • No additional material costs required.

Session 6:

  • NTYE core set. ~$20-$40

Session 7:

  • BFRPG Rulebook. ~$6

Session 8:

  • Continue using BFRPG Rulebook. n/a

Session 9:

  • DWAITS Core rulebook. ~$40

Session 10:

  • NWN:EE (through Steam) for Windows. ~$20

Session 11:

  • Continue using NWN:EE. n/a

Session 12:

  • Continue using NWN:EE. n/a

Session 13:

  • AiMe Player's Guide. ~$40

Session 14:

  • TS:NWO Core Rulebook (or Box set). ~$20-$40

Session 15:

  • D&D5e PH. ~$50

Session 16:

  • Continuing using D&D5e PH. n/a

Additional Materials Total (per individual trainee, not included in purchase): ~$261-$311

Before purchasing this product, if you have any questions, please feel free to:

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Specifications for CRPGP Level 1 Training 16 sessions (1-2 trainees per group)

Player Training CRPGP-P
Game Master Training (must complete player training first) CRPGP-GM