RPG Therapeutics Officially Contracted to Provide Services to PBS

We Are Excited and Honored by PBS Requesting Our Services!

RPG.LLC / RPG Therapeutics LLC has been contracted by PBS to provide live interactive training webinars to their staff from their Education, Programming, Marketing, and Communications departments, network-wide!

This is a wonderful privilege and honor to work with such wonderful people!

This training series, spanning months in 2021, beginning in February, will be helping PBS grow and enhance their wonderful programming in their communities, on air, and online.

Some of the details of this program may be under NDA, and we probably won't be able to share the videos with the public, but there is some high level information we can share about the training topics to be covered.

They have also tentatively given us the go ahead to include our new RPG Professionals Training Workbook, and online learning platform at RPG.Education!

Example training topics covered include:

  • Games as recreational therapy

  • Role-plating games like Dungeons & Dragons, No Thank You Evil, Doctor Who, The One Ring, Top Secret, and others

  • Incarcerated youth.

  • Ages 2-8 years old and others

  • Kids with ADHD

  • Autism

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Panic Disorders

  • Gifted & Talented

  • Tabletop and physically active "live-action" games

  • Tools and assistive technologies that make games more accessible

  • Brain computer interface (BCI) controls

  • BCI with robotics