Scheduling Locations & Options

Insurance coverage may be available for therapeutic sessions.


Initial 30 minute consultation (free):


At RPG Therapeutics LLC offices:


Mobile locations:

  • Eastern Washington Service Area
  • Central Washington Service Area
  • Western Washington service area
  • Northern Oregon service area
  • Northern Idaho service area
  • Western Montana service area


General Consultation Rates:

  • One-on-one $120/hr
  • Group: $60/hr per person (minimum 2 people)


Specialist Rates

Entertainment services: see our list of certified entertainment service providers with locations, availability, & rates.

Educational services: see our list of certified educational service providers with locations, availability, & rates.


Senior Therapeutic Specialist Sessions

Hourly one-on-one:

  • At RPG Therapeutics LLC office ($150/hr).
  • At client site ($160/hr + expenses if outside service area).
  • Secure HIPAA-complient remote audio/video ($120/hr). (requires prior setup on client side, billing rates may apply during setup time)

Group sessions (minimum 2 clients)*:

  • At RPG Therapeutics LLC office ($75/hr per person).
  • At client site ($90/hr per person + expenses if outside service area).
  • Secure remote audio/video ($60/hr per person).


Important Additional Information

Locations & Service Areas

We can provide in-person services within our service areas. For those outside of our service areas, special arrangement may be possible, or consider using our online audio/video/remote services.

RPG Therapeutics LLC primary service areas:

  • Primary serivce area is within a 10 mile radius of our main Spokane offices, see this map.
  • Extended service area, see this map.


Payment Terms & Options

  • We accept by cash, debit, credit, local check, and possible insurance coverage. Payment failure due to non-sufficient may incure additional overdraft and other fees and may be referred to collection agencies.
  • Insurance coverage/reimbursement may be available if your Insurance company covers "Therapeutic Recreation" or "Recreational Therapy" under their list of covered therapeutic services. Insurance coverage will need to be pre-approved prior to appointment.
  • One-on-one paid sessions are paid at the beginning each session.
  • Group sessions must be paid in advance when scheduling the session.


Bundling, Discount, Prepay, & Certificate Options

See our list of bundled sessions discount options.



See our cancellation policy.


Privacy Policy

  • See our general Privacy Policy.
  • See our HIPAA policy.