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Our Approach

Drawing upon evidence-based best-practices, including Therapeutic Recreation, Recreation Therapy, Neuroscience, & Research Psychology, we use comprehensive assessment tools and research-supported approaches to provide services to help improve the quality of life of clients. Our services use powerful modalities to help clients achieve their educational, recreational, social, professional, and therapeutic goals.

We have extensive experience working with a broad range of populations from 2 years old to 92+ years old.

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Our Story

Our founder began researching and designing program plans around 1984 for gifted & talented children, then expanded into therapeutic fields in 2004. Since 2016 we have been able to provide services remotely, onsite, and even in remote rural locations with our mobile facility.

Meet the Team

Our staff comes from wide range of disciplines with broad and deep experience across professions and working with many different populations, programs, facilities, and other professionals in many fields of study.

Hawke Robinson CEO & Founder

Hawke Robinson

Founder & President

Washington State Department of Health Registered Recreational Therapist.

Beginning in 1984 with gifted & talented children in educational settings, designing and providing programs for a broad array of populations in therapeutic settings since 2004.

Hawke Robinson is also founder of the non-profit 501(c)3 organization RPG Research. He has a notable background in computer science, music, psychology, recreation therapy, & therapeutic recreation.

Getting started...

We provide a broad range of services for a wide variety of populations and individual needs. See the other sections of this site for more information on our programs. When you see something you like, schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation.