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Hawke Robinson is President of RPG Therapeutics LLC, a Washington State Department of Health Registered Recreational Therapist with a background in therapeutic recreation, music and recreation therapy, neurosciences, computer sciences, and research psychology.

“…Hawke is sort of the grandfather of therapeutic gaming. He has been tracking and involved in the therapeutic and educational application of role-playing games longer than anyone else.” –Adam Johns, Game to Grow, Executive Director, Lead Facilitator.

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RPG Therapeutics LLC provides services to people and organizations looking for professional paid services using therapeutic recreation, role-playing games, music or recreation therapy, contact us to schedule an appointment. Initial 30 minute consultation is free. We can meet with you at our offices, at your location, via our mobile facilities, by phone, or online. Feel free to contact us.

Some of our services can be provided remotely, other services require in-person, on-location. Contact us to determine what options work best for you.

Our on-site and online services include:

  • Consulting and counseling services
  • Paid RPG Sessions & RPG Parties
  • Find a Game Master / RPG Professional
  • Online RPG Education courses
  • RPG in educational settings
  • RPG Therapy sessions
  • Therapeutic RPG in healthcare facilities


RPG Therapeutics Services

RPG Therapeutics LLC offers a large range of services. Our most frequently requested services are:

  • Client Therapeutic Services (Therapeutic recreation and music,  role-playing game therapeutic services, etc.).
  • Professional consulting services (department & facilities professional program plan consulting/design).
  • Other professional and entertainment services (RPG parties, find a GM, etc.).
  • Other music services (drum circles, adapted music lessons, etc.).
  • Professional Education & Certification Services (professional consultations, professional training, certification testing and verification, etc.).


Other Services by RPG Therapeutics LLC

RPG Education online education services: gaming & entertainment services:



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